Monday, April 22, 2013

Brooklyn Thrift Stores....with love from the L Train

A view of the City and the Bridge from the East River Park
I had the opportunity to go back and visit New York City recently, and one of my favorite afternoons was heading over to Williamsburg Brooklyn for some serious thrift store shopping. I can't stress enough how much fun it is visiting thrift and exchange stores in a new place that you're traveling to. You really get the opportunity to find things that you might never see at your favorite local store! 

Getting to Williamsburg from Manhattan is so easy,
 all you have to do is jump on the L Train and get off at Bedford Av. 
I made sure to map out all the places I wanted to visit before heading out. 
You can check out my itinerary in the Google Map above.

1st StopJunk, A collectors heaven, and the name is very descriptive, but hey one mans Junk just might be your treasure!
Why wouldn't you buy a fake Oscar statue?
2nd Stop: Buffalo Exchange, Always a great stop in every city, but even better in Brooklyn!
My favorite top of the Whole NYC trip

3rd Stop: Beacons Closet, A New York institution, if you don't go anywhere else VISIT HERE you wont be disappointed.
I got myself this amazingly corky vintage necklace,
and I couldn't resist picking up this blinged out pink leather collar for Miss Molly Valentine

Also, swing by the Brooklyn Brewery right on the same block for a tour and a few cold beers. 

4th Stop: East Rive Park, It will provide you with a breath taking picture opportunity. 
One of the many photos we took from the East River bank at the park.
After the park we decided to head back, and it was only short walk to the train...

Get the Brooklyn look....
You Only Live Once, Wear what you love!


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