Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cork It! Reusing all those wine corks.

Every time you open a bottle of wine or champagne think twice before you trash that beautiful cork. Wine corks are great for so many things, check out a couple of the things I've use them for...

Use the bigger champagne style corks and/or the standard wine corks as a filling for your vases. It's a much more sophisticated look than those strange little rocks, or drab old marbles.

Vase: 99 Cent Store $0.99
Hand Painted Coster: Melrose Trading Post,  Set of Two $7.00
Silk Sun Flowers: Michaels $3.99

Make a Wine Cork Bulletin Board. 
 The great thing about this is you can make a bulletin board any size, just pick a frame you like. I put mine up by the front door, and use it for all the keys!
Tip: If you need more corks ask you local wine bar or anywhere wine tastings are regularly held. I've found that people are typically happy to give away a bag of corks,  free of charge.

What you'll need:
 1) Cheap Hot Glue Gun with a handful of glue sticks
2) Standard size wine corks
3) A frame with a back on it

How To:
1) Layout your pattern in the Frame 
Do NOT glue until you have it laid out the way like it. You can take a photo so you don't forget.
2) Remove corks and glue to backing of the frame
3) Reassemble frame without glass
Finished Wine Cork Board
Frame: Michaels (on Sale) $12.99
Wine Corks: Free
Glue Gun with Glue: Walmart $15.00

Now that all those corks are out of the way.......
One of my favorite California Wineries

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