Thursday, April 25, 2013

I need a place to sit... How to make an Upholstered Cushion.

While I was hanging out with Rachel, from PainfullyCreative, I was inspired to take on my apartment's lack of seating in a Thrifty Chic way. I decided to turn my favorite black vintage chest into a comfortable and inviting place to sit. I'm so excited because the cushion turned out great, and it's such a great use of space in my small LA apartment... 
Did I mention it was also a surprisingly easy, super affordable project! 

This is the print I chose, a Vintage Map inspired print.
What You Need:
• Board Cut To Size
• Foam (Desired Thickness)
• Medium to Heavy Weight Quilt Batting 
• 77 Spray Adhesive 
• Staple Gun w/ 1/4" Staples 
• Scissors & Sharp Box Cutter
 • Canvas or Upholstery Fabric

 Step #1:
Use Box Cutter to cut foam to size.
Step #2:
Use spray adhesive to wrap foam over top and sides with batting, cut off excess with scissors.
Step #3:
Use spray adhesive to stick foam/batting to board.

Step #4:
Lay fabric out and place foam and board over, cut fabric to size making sure you have enough to pull tight over board.
Step #5:
Use staple gun to staple fabric to one side of board 1st, then move to opposite side pulling tight, finally do edges one at a time.


You have a brand new Upholstered Cushion, and a place to sit.
Here's your price breakdown:
• Board Cut To Size (Scrap from my boyfriend): $0.00
• Foam (Downtown Fashion District): $10.00
• Quilt Batting (Michael Levines): $7.85 
• 77 Spray Adhesive (Home Depot): $7.99 
• Staple Gun w/ staples (borrowed from my boyfriend): $0.00
• Scissors & Sharp Box Cutter (My craft Drawer): $0.00
 • Canvas or Upholstery Fabric (Michael Levines): $6.00
Total $31.84


  1. I love this idea and the fabric you picked out. So cute!!

  2. Thanks! I will post pics of all the pillows I made soon!

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