Thursday, April 18, 2013

Making a Stenciled Tee

Tomorrow is Panda day at my work, and I'm really into Pandas right now. I firmly believe that Pandas are the new, and much cuter mustache.... :) 
Anyway, I need something to wear so I decided to take matters into my own hands!

Creating a Stencil.... 

What you need:
1) A simple image you like printed on card stock
2) Spray paint (Any color I chose Glitter Black)
3) An x-acto knife, or small box cutter
4) A plain tee-shirt or fabric bag 

• Step 1: Cut out your image out with the knife 

• Step 2: Put a box or piece of card board inside the tee so you don't get bleed through
Tip: use double stick tape to hold the stencil in place

• Step 3: Spray paint the stencil
Tip: fold the tee back behind the box or cardboard so you don't get the paint everywhere

• Step 4: Let it dry for a couple minutes then remove the stencil

Enjoy Your Finished Product!!!! 
I did 2 Tees and a plain canvas bag. 

Total Price Under $10.00
Spray Paint (Home Depot) $7.00
Tees and Bag (My Closet) $0.00
Box Cutter knife (Borrowed from work) $0.00
Card stock scrap paper (From work) $0.00
Double Stick Tape (99 Cent store) $0.99

Since my project was so thrifty, I had enough extra to order this awesome watch I found on sale for $23.28!!!

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