Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mastering Boho Chic....

I've only owned the famed Missoni for Target Floppy Hat for almost a year and a half without ever removing the tag. Finally today was the day, I summoned up the courage to actually wear it beyond my front door! Tea time the at Chado Tea Room in downtown couldn't have been a better opportunity. I guess sometimes good hats and good things must wait.

Floppy Hat Missoni for target (on clearance...LUCKY find) $17.98
Rayon Maxi Goodwill $12.99
Heart Charm Belt Forever 21 $2.99
Rayon jacket Free sample from a friend. 

Tip for the day: 
Mini Binder clips!
Use the clips to hang your hats, it's a cheap way to hang them without damaging them, or stuffing them into a drawer.

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