Monday, April 29, 2013

My Favorite Speakeasies... Gatsby style and beyond!

With all the Great Gatsby posters around town, I have been thinking about all my favorite Speakeasy prohibition style bars. I love the glitz and glamor of the 20's - 30's, and it's by far my favorite time period for fashion and style. A few years ago when I discovered the speakeasy I became excited by the thrill of finding the disguised and/or hidden venues, and I love the feeling you get of traveling back in time once your inside.

I want to share a few of my favorite finds from around the country... hopefully I don't get shunned for spilling the secrets. 

Los Angeles: 
Located behind an unmarked door in the back of Cole's downtown, this bar will take you back to the times of Mickey Cohen. Live music accompanies drinks you will never find anywhere else.
Movie Reference: Gangster Squad 
A view of the interior

The Menu, not that they need one, tell them what you like and they will make you something amazing! 

The Edison is not really much of a secret, but it's worth a shout out, its beautiful interior is reason enough to visit this bar, but the prohibition priced happy hour will keep you coming back!
Movie Reference: The Great Gatsby
This the view once you enter from the ally, before heading down the stairs.


San Diego:
Hidden in the Gaslamp district in downtown San Diego, you could walk by it a million times and never even know something was there. Prohibition is worth looking for, once you find it you will have the ring the door bell and wait. After you get in and downstairs your wont cell wont have service, but you wont miss it while you're enjoying the live jazz band.
Movie Reference: Some Like It Hot
The Front Door

New York:
Recently moved to Flatiron from its original location, when I visited it was located on the Lower east side. You need to make a reservation to gain entrance to this hidden gem and don't for get to confirm before the cut off time! At Milk and Honey they don't even bother with a menu, tell the knowledgeable waitress what you like and they will cook up something special every time.
They also have a sister bar in London, I will be checking out this fall!
Movie Reference: Undecided (until I see the new location)
View of the front door, from the Lower East side location

At Your House:
My favorite prohibition style drink recipe to make at home.
A Bee's Kiss: 
1 oz white rum
1/4 oz dark rum
3/4 oz cream
2 tsp honey
Shake well over crushed ice in a shaker. Strain into a cocktail glass, sprinkle with nutmeg

Get Some Gatsby Fashion
Gatsby Style


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