Saturday, May 25, 2013

Best of Downtown LA... With A View!

View of the Los Angeles library from the Union Bank Plaza.
Everyone knows I'm a sucker for a great view, but unfortunately I'm still on a budget so I like to hit up these fancy high rise restaurants for happy hour if possible that way I can take advantage of the lower prices. 

This is a list of my favorite DTLA restaurants with amazing views:

WP24 (The Lounge)
Located in the Ritz Carlton Hotel at LA Live, this Asian Fusion lounge and restaurant is a top the 24th floor. 
This photo does not do the night view justice.
Must Try: Tempura Green Beans.
The Perch
Located above Perishing Square this French restaurant is resting on the corner of the 15th floor.
Apéritif Hour (that basically means Happy Hour) is Monday-Friday 4pm-6pm.
A great view with a live band... hard to beat.
Must Try: The Penicillin Cocktail

Takami Sushi
Located at the corner Wilshire and Flower this sushi restaurant can be found at the 21st floor. Inside and outside seating is available. Takami has a killer happy hour seven days a week from 5pm -7pm!
Must Try: Lychee Saketini and The Spicy Tuna Roll
BonaVista Lounge
Located in the red tower of the Bonaventure Hotel up on the 34th floor this entire cocktail lounge literally turns giving you a 360 degree view of DTLA, it's pretty amazing.
Must Try: The blue crab four cheese dip.
These are my top four! 
What are yours? 


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