Monday, May 6, 2013

Buy & Sell Your Marvelous Clothes, LA Style! • View of the Melrose Location.
Wasteland is a Los Angeles institution with three locations around town and one in San Francisco. Wasteland is more like a shoppers candy store that will trade with you than a thrift store... Think Buffalo exchange or Cross Roads Trading post, but Wasteland seams to be slightly more selective and a little less main stream so your are more likely to find a few corky and/or vintage type pieces than just your standard great deal. 

Pictures from the Melrose location:
Front window display.
Inside racks.

Here are a few tips when selling to any type of clothing exchange store:

• Bring a valid photo ID

• Get dressed! No need to get dolled up, but don't go in looking like a slob 1st impression means a lot.

• Only bring clothing in good to like new condition (for goodness sake no stains or holes) 

• Most of  the time you can call ahead to see what the store is buying. Most stores also buy seasonally so don't bring a coat or snow boots in June.

• Don't be insulted if the buyer doesn't take all of your stuff they are trying to buy what will sell best for the store, not insult you. (Each store has its own needs you can always try your luck at different location.)


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