Thursday, May 16, 2013

Make Your Outdoor Space Great!

It’s almost Summer! Which means it’s time to clean up my front yard, plant new plants and flowers that I will inevitable kill by the time fall rolls around. Since I’m a known plant murdered, unlike my mother who has the greenest thumb I’ve ever seen, I choose to update my tiny outdoor space on a tight budget with things that don’t need much attention... Umm can you say succulents please!

A couple years ago I got fed up with the landlord gardeners or lack thereof, so we took $100 to make ourselves a nice area. It’s really quite amazing what a $100 can do if you have a little space of your own and you are willing to get a little dirt on your hands.  

We savaged what ever we could find laying around our building and then went to a few stores for supplies:

 The 99¢ Store
Miscellaneous Plants $0.99
Planters $0.99

Home Depot
Wood-chips $4.00 a bag
Stepping Stones $1.20 each 

Table $20.00 on sale
Chairs $8.00 on sale

Tip: Keep your plants alive with this amazing As Seen On TV invention! 
These are a plant saver for me!
Aqua Globes on Amazon $8.00
As you can see we transformed our little “front yard” and now every spring we spend about $20 to refresh it. The space is well worth the investment it gives us a nice place to sit outside and enjoy that famous Southern California weather, not to mention a much nicer view from out front windows. 


  1. Umm wow this is BEAUTIFUL! Live in Texas but thinking of making a garden in the yard. Will definitely do this as a summer project! Thanks for all of your tips! Looks Amazing!


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