Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Take me out to the ball game…

Sporting our promotional dodger hats! 
It's already baseball season again and I like to go to at least one game a year. I’ll be honest I don’t really follow sports of any kind, but I do enjoy going to a game every once in a while wearing the team colors, cheering, chanting, having beers and stadium style snacks. It reminds me of going to games with my Dad when I was a kid. Since I'm there for the nostalgia and experience... and I'm on a budget I don’t have a problem sitting in the nose bleeds or the outfield. Even if you prefer the fancier seats you can save a few dollars with VIP Tickets. I use them regularly and the convenience fees are actually reasonable compared to the competition. Also, if you want go to a Dodgers game make sure to check out the event calendar because you can score some free fan gear or a fireworks show after the game.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Monki , $20 / R13 studded jean shorts / H&M , $11 / Converse , $70 / Logo hat / Charlotte Russe sunglasses / Essie mini nail polish


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