Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Hollywood Bowl... A New Summer Tradition

The Hollywood bowl is a magical place, and one of my summer traditions. There is nothing quite like enjoying live music outdoors, and SoCal's fantastic weather only makes it that much better. Add in a wine and cheese picnic and you have the perfect summer evening!

The LA Philharmonics Hollywood Bowl season runs from June thorough Early October and once the season gets in to full swing shows run almost 4 nights a week. There really is something for everyone anything goes from Theater to Classical. Check out the calendar for a list of this years shows.

Once you decide what to see avoid the outrageous Ticketmaster "convenience" fees, by swing by the box office open between 10am-6pm to pick up no fee tickets. 
Tip: This is a gamble aka not a guarantee but, I find that most LA Phil shows don't sell out so I like to buy the nose bleed tickets, and then move down to the empty mid-level seats once the show starts.
Pack Your Picnic
 One of the things that make The Bowl so great is that you can bring a picnic. 
This is what my Hollywood Bowl picnic basket looks like...
Pack a small cooler and a decent size tote bag.
•  Worry free Wine Glasses. Go with acrylic hassle free and affordable. 
 World Market, a set of 4 only $11.96
• 2 Bottles of  your favorite wine... one is never enough. 
• Fancy sliced cheeses, crackers, grapes, bottled water, freshly sliced cherry tomatoes and cucumbers
• A little something sweet
You can't go wrong at your local Gelsons' bakery!
• A Wine opener, Napkins, and Plastic Bag for trash are important not to forget
• A small blanket to sit on or in case it gets chilly

 Parking & Shuttles
It doesn't have to be a nightmare. If you live close enough to walk do it, but for those that don't I suggest parking at the Hollywood and Highland center, its well worth the 10 minute walk. You wont end up dealing with crazy stacked parking or insane traffic and with a $10 max that is less than half the price of some other lots!      
There are also shuttle options, I've never tried it myself but from what I hear its a pretty good operation.
Park & Ride 
Once Your In:
All you have to do is navigate through the crowd find your seat, open that bottle of wine, and enjoy the show!


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