Sunday, September 28, 2014

San Diego's Little Italy... A Weekend Getaway!

Little Italy San Diego
Little Italy is one of the most delicious and charming neighborhood's in San Diego. It's only a short two hour drive from Los Angeles making it a perfect place eat good food, explore San Diego, and kick back for a relaxing weekend away. 

There are numerous amazing hotels in San Diego but we picked up a great deal with travelzoo. That included one night at the Porto Vista Hotel, two cocktails the hotel's Glass Door lounge, and a breakfast buffet for two in the morning. 
The Porto Vista Hotel is perfectly located for walking and exploring Little Italy along with the rest of Downtown San Diego. 
The Glass Door is located on the top floor of the Porto Vista and it offers quite an amazing view from the outdoor patio. 
A view of the inside of the Glass Door lounge. 

When in Rome right? But seriously, you're in Little Italy of coarse you're going to need a healthy amount of mouth watering Italian food. There are so many options here are my ultimate favorites for a casual lunch and/or a dinner date. 

Napizza for a simply AMAZING lunch! I've never had pizza like this before so fresh and fluffy I wont even try to explain it.
I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. 
Bencotto Italian Kitchen is a great place for a dinner date, but make sure to make a reservation this please fills up fast for a reason.
"Pasta Your Way" is their specialty add some Italian wine and Bencotto will really live up to the hype.

For more Italian food, because you can never have to much! Make sure to stop by Mona Lisa's before you leave to take some Little Italy home with you. 

Mona Lisa's is a great little must visit Italian market, deli and restaurant.
They offer great selection of Italian, coffees, wines, and foods that make great gifts too. What more can a girl want?
For more things to do in and around Little Italy check out these great resources:
Or leave a comments with your favorite eateries and places!


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